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This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of history. We are commemorating the World’s Longest-Running Cigar Box Guitar Festival with a limited edition, 20th Anniversary, four-string cigar box guitar. Only 12 of these guitars are being built and will be numbered and signed by the artist, Jeff Mello cbg luthier and owner of The Cigar Box Guitar Store. 


Drawings for guitars #1 and #2 will be held at intermission on Friday evening, May 31 in the Beer Garden of Wicks Family Field at Joe Davis Stadium and on Saturday evening, June 1 in the Artist Meadow at The Orion Amphitheater. The remaining ten guitars will be sold with proceeds split evenly between the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation and the Arts Huntsville's Creative Launchpad.

Serial numbers 3-12 of this limited edition guitar are available for purchase for $385 each by reserving here, visiting The Cigar Box Guitar Store at Studio 106 in Lowe Mill A&E in person or contacting them. Guitars can be shipped anywhere in the world. NOTE that the CBGs being sold in this series (numbers 3-12) are black and the CBGs being given away at the Friday and Saturday evening concerts (numbers 1-2) are red.

20th Anniversary CBG Fest Guitar_2_lo.jpg
20th Anniversary CBG Fest Guitar_Close_Vertical_ Headstock_lo.jpg
20th Anniversary CBG Fest Guitar_Close_Vertical_Fret Markers at Angle_lo.jpg
20th Anniversary CBG Fest Guitar_Close_Vertical_Body_lo.jpg
20th Anniversary CBG Fest Guitar_3_lo.jpg
20th Anniversary CBG Fest Guitar_Close_Square_Fret Markers_lo.jpg

This year’s guitar is a 4-string featuring an Alma Fuerte Plasencia cigar box. Guitars #1 and #2 of the 12, which will be given away, utilize red boxes. Guitars #3-#12 utilize the identical cigar box, but in black. The neck and headstock are crafted from rigid quartersawn Maple wood. The 1.5” wide, 25” scale, maple fretboard features etched fret marker symbols that celebrate Huntsville, Alabama.  The single-coil fender-style pickup includes tone and volume control. The chrome hardtail bridge allows for individual intonation adjustments. The strings are grounded to minimize hum. A custom acrylic pickguard adorns the box and protects it from pick scratches. Strap buttons are affixed to the top and bottom of the cigar box to secure your favorite guitar strap.

Other notes on construction and finishing details:

  • The fretboard features medium height fret wire. Wood surfaces are sealed with 3 coats of acrylic lacquer, smoothed with #0000 steel wool, waxed and polished for a silky feel. 

  • A Delrin string guide and jumbo size zero fret wire establish the nut position.

  • Strings are at .5” spacing and tuned to open G (GDgB).

  • To protect internal wiring from breakage from transit and usage shock and vibration,
    all soldering is performed to industrial IPC workmanship standards. All interconnections are made with shielded cable. Solder joints are covered with silicone to provide strain relief. 

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