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For Kids...


The mission of the world's longest-running cigar box guitar festival is "make a joyful noise," and as part of that mission we aim to inspire youngsters throughout our community to make music.

  • Beginning at 11:00am, families can build five recycled instruments at stations available through 2:00pm.

  • At 12:00pm, enjoy interactive kids music with Miss Calliope (Grown-ups will enjoy her music too!)

  • At 2:00pm, kids get to perform with their new instruments in the Junior Junk Jam with The Cigar Box Serenaders and Miss Calliope 

Activity kits are available for just $5 and include the supplies to build 5 recycled instruments. Proceeds go to support music and arts education in North Alabama schools via the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation and Arts Huntsville's Creative Launchpad.

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