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The information below reflects the 2023 event. Sign up for our mailing list to get monthly updates on the cigar box guitar music scene in Huntsville, including updates on the 20th event coming in 2024! If you are looking to contact the Festival organizers, click here.


On Saturday, June 3, Open Studio Night will be held at Lowe Mill A&E from 5:00-7:00pm where the doors will be open to all 161 studios. Be sure to visit the seven art galleries to view the current artwork on its last day on display.

Visit the only Cigar Box Guitar Store in the world in Studio 106! The easiest way to get to The Cigar Box Guitar Store from the water tower lawn is to follow the exterior walkway wrapped with the colorful flags to the end. To your right will be Door #17. Walk inside and The Cigar Box Guitar Store will be across the art gallery on your right.


Make a donation at the Festival Booth on the Water Tower lawn to get a "Show Your Ticket & Save" for these Studio Specials on June 3 only:

In the North Building:

First Floor:

  • Huntsvillustrated, Studio 1019, Huntsville-themed screen-printed items, Save 15% on most merchandise...Huntsvillustrated has also donated a t-shirt and coffee mug as part of our second chance drawing

Second Floor:

  • Creative Arts by Melanie, Studio 2050, Specializing in modern abstract and 3D paintings, Save 10%

  • Ravenwood Meadery, Studio 2069, Save 10% on merchandise...The Meadery has also donated a $50 gift certificate, an empty growler and two horn glasses as part of our our second chance drawing

  • Theater of Fashion, Studio 2001, School of Fashion Design, Needlework & Sewing is donating a gift certificate for sewing classes in our second chance drawing


In the South Building:

First Floor:

  • Caudle's Silver Dragonfly, Studio 104, specializing in silver jewelry and unique rocks and minerals, has contributed a crystal tree for our second chance drawing

  • Corinna Nicole Art, Studio 118, specializing in bird murmuration paintings, 10% off reproductions...Corinna has also donated an original painting as part of our second chance drawing

  • Dragon Craft Handmade Soap, Studio 113, Save 10% on classes and 20% on merchandise

  • PB Surrealism, Studio 115, $15 mini photoshoot with or without your cigar box guitar

  • Sparkle Studio & Peculiar Preserves, Studio 103, has donated a trinket bag, a stone bracelet, jams and syrups as part of our second chance raffle

Second Floor:

  • Caroline Wang, Studio 204, Watercolor Artist...Caroline has donated a music print as part of our our second chance drawing

  • Dokkaebi Studio, Studio 252, Anime and Sequential Art, Save 10% on your purchase.

  • Theatre Huntsville, Save $2 on your purchase of tickets for Theatre Huntsville's production Monty Python's "Spamalot" at the VBC Playhouse June 9-25.

Third Floor:

  • Samantha Tallichet, Studio 320, Mixed Media portraiture & fantasy art, Save 10%

In the Railroad Building:

  • Raphael's Table, Studio RR3 (new location), food specialty items, Save 15%

  • Vertical House Records, RR, has contributed a $30 gift certificate for our second chance drawing

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